Founded in 1986, Tek Trek manufactures and supplies  the famous Flame Chaser Quick Attack firefighting trailers and slip-on units which are evolutionary in their design and ease of use.

We are also the original developers (now copied worldwide) of the quick attachment of pumps, hoses, nozzles, sprinklers  for property owners wanting to stay and defend their properties against ember attack and direct fire.

Our research continues into the economical and efficient use of resources, both human and natural  keeping in mind the forever dwindling resources of available water  with an ageing population of landowners and tree changers.

Don't forget, your local fire authority can't supply a fire truck and crew for every property in a bushfire!

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Tek Trek  

Innovative Solutions Since 1984  

Tel: (03) 9878 0311

Tek Trek Pty Ltd   

Innovative Solutions Since 1984

ABN 11 080 081 269     ACN 080 081 269 

Tel: (03) 9878 0311    

PO Box 1145, Mitcham North VIC 3132

Prices subject change without prior notice.